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How to choose a window in an apartment or house: important points


The largest source of heat loss are windows. Now that people understood the real price of heat in their homes and began to look for opportunities to save money, various window models appeared on the market.

How to choose plastic windows - this question is very important, because the correctly selected glass unit will start saving its owners money from the very first day of installation. And this is not fiction. With non-blown glass in the apartment will become much warmer, therefore, heating costs will decrease. In addition, no longer need to spend money on painting frames.

Before the owners of a private house may be the question: how to choose the size of the window. Construction rules established that the windows in residential premises should be at least one tenth of the floor area in the room. If there are tall buildings opposite your house, it is better to increase the size of the window, otherwise the house will be dark.

The main part of the window construction is a plastic profile, inside it is a metal frame, which includes drainage channels, filters and seals. The entire profile construction is stabilized and reinforced with stiffening ribs.

How to choose a frame

If you think how to choose quality windows, the frame is equally important, its choice depends on the size of the opening. Sashes with an opening mechanism are attached to it, there are several opening options. From the correct installation of the frame depends on how long the window will last. The more professional it is installed, the less problems will arise with the opening.

Double-glazed windows are inserted into the frame, which protect the house from heat, frost, dust, noise and other things. The space between the panes is filled with air or gas.

Thermal insulation and window fittings

The sealant is responsible for the window's insulation, usually it is silicone. All windows are equipped with fittings. It helps to make the whole window design dynamic and functional.

Usually, high-quality accessories come from German manufacturers, who constantly improve it using innovative elements. Brake clutches of a new type provide a soft slip, moving the sash in an inclined position.

If a child grows up in a house, you need to pick up accessories with a child’s safety lock that is locked with a key. You can purchase a removable handle that can be easily removed and put a special cap in its place.

It is believed that good plastic windows are made of metal-plastic. It is made from special profiles. They are divided into two classes:

  • class A has a thickened outer wall, is considered the most suitable material for windows and frame glazing;
  • Class B is made from an “object” profile with a thin outer wall. Its characteristics are much lower.

How to choose plastic windows? The presence of certificates confirms the quality. Metal-plastic windows are the same metal-reinforced plastic. Such profiles should have a smooth surface on which there are no streaks and grit. Their color is uniform, there is no smell. High quality PVC windows have a lifespan of over fifty years.

Modern wooden windows

Modern wooden eurowindows retained all the properties of the tree, but thanks to innovative technologies they have become heat and sound insulating. How to choose wooden windows? Experts advise to choose wooden profiles from high-quality timber, they are made by gluing 3 lamellas. This technology allows you to control the quality and texture of surfaces.

The service life of wooden blocks has become much longer, since the methods of wood processing extended their service life. The finished profiles are primed in several layers and impregnated with flame retardants, then coated with varnish. Such frames have a long service life, but their price is much higher than the cost of a plastic window.

The double-glazed window which design consists of several sheets of glass is the main element of any design. How to choose a glass?

Many believe that the quality of the windows depends on the number of cameras in the double-glazed windows, and they strive to purchase the best - five-chamber ones. Is such a decision justified? Experts say that five-chamber double-glazed windows are suitable only for northerners, and installing them in central Russia is irrational. They miss daylight worse, and their price is much higher. With each additional camera, the weight of the structure increases, fittings suffer from this, so the service life is reduced. If you decide to choose PVC windows, do not rush to buy heavy five-chamber double-glazed windows. They are relevant only in homes where windows overlook noisy trails, since the more cameras, the higher the sound insulation properties of the windows.

Pay attention to the following details:

  • Air gaps are created between the glasses - chambers that seal around the perimeter. To improve the insulation between the glass space is filled with argon.
  • The windows in the apartment from the inside of the double-glazed window are better to buy from energy-saving glass, it reflects the heat from the glass panel, without letting it out of the room.

Fittings and components of German companies ensure their reliable operation, which makes these structures even better.

As a result, after passing through all stages of production, the systems are equipped with reinforced PVC profiles, fittings and double-glazed windows. The contours of the sealing elastic gaskets installed between the flaps prevent the passage of air.

The right choice of plastic windows:

  • Pay attention to the plastic. Its surface should not be damaged. Poor quality plastic can be environmentally harmful.
  • In order not to overpay the extra money, for a double-glazed window that opens onto a glazed balcony, you can choose a single-chamber package.
  • When choosing, attention should be paid to the quality of plastic constructions. It must be made of metallic materials. A device that closes the frame should work easily.
  • Double-glazed windows with a mosquito net will allow you to abandon chemicals that protect against annoying insects, but harmful to health.
  • Blinds on the windows will help to protect the room from light.
  • Choosing a well-known brand of windows, you pay for reliability and durability, and not for the brand.

Knowing how easy it is to choose windows, you can make the right choice. But that's not all, if you bought a window yourself, you will need to find installers.

Many people believe that installing a properly selected plastic window will not be difficult. But it is not. It is impossible to install plastic structures on your own, because:

  • you may not know about the existing subtleties or forget, and then problems may arise later;
  • no warranty for self-installed windows;
  • if any part of the structure is damaged during installation, then there is no one to claim.

Therefore, contact the experts and forget about the problems. But now you can hear a lot of complaints about installing windows by specialists. How to choose a company of plastic windows? It is best to ask the neighbors, friends, etc., who have already installed the windows. They can recommend you a company with which they have recently dealt.