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Pink furniture in the interior (20 photos): beautiful examples


Pink color personifies vitality, happiness, romanticism and a certain girlish naivety. The interior, designed exclusively in such flirty colors was previously considered a sign of poor tone.

Saturated pink color in large quantities (especially when it comes to upholstered furniture and decorating the walls of the bathroom and kitchen) is difficult to perceive. Absolutely unfairly this color became the personification of the ridiculous excessive glamor, which led to the appearance of the stereotype that any accessories of this shade are in a bad tone.

However, referring to historical sources, it can be said with confidence that the apartments of European and Russian rulers were decorated in the majority of cases in pink. First of all, a spectacular flirty tone was the basis of furniture attributes and bedroom textiles.

Locations for rest and relaxation

Choosing upholstered furniture for the bedroom and children's room, it is better to prefer muted or soft pastel tones. Rich crimson shades will play well in the role of small decorative elements for the interior.



The interior of the bedroom and children's room with pink furniture does not decorate the excessively bright colors of another palette. Unusual geometric shapes or massive "heavy" textiles also look inappropriate.

It is better to give preference to calm shades, color combinations, leading to relaxation and peace - beige, cream, sand color. Particularly impressive in modern boudoirs and cozy children's bedrooms for girls looks muffled pink decor with rich gilding.



Lighting and textile selection

Since the furniture in pink is quite capricious, it is important to think through all the nuances of the future fashionable interior. Particular attention is paid to the selection of high-quality textiles, as well as the selection of suitable lighting fixtures.

For the interior of the bedroom and children's room or bathroom with pink furniture is better to choose a local lighting. Above the bed hang a ceiling lamp or exquisite sconces. Light should be soft and natural.



Spectacular combinations of pink colors in different styles

Furniture in spectacular pink color is very often found in ethnic interiors. Very often, combinations of crimson, pink and beige and golden colors are used to decorate bedrooms, children's locations, living rooms and bathrooms in Arabic or Indian style.

The wealth of the East in the play of colors of the pink palette

It is the sophisticated style of the east, delicate Asian motifs in the decoration of furniture sets give the interior elegance, rich luster and special texture. About sugary feminine glamor and it can not be.

The composition of sakura flowers and orchids will help to “reinforce” the oriental design in the bathroom or in the kitchen. It can be fresh flowers, artificial installations, a pattern on a ceramic tile or in a mosaic composition. A valid combination of Oriental motifs and in the nursery.

Why not create spectacular apartments for a young princess of the East? At the same time, neglecting the hackneyed styling of fashionable locations for the American Barbie.

If a large pink-sized furniture is quite difficult to enter into a modern interior, accessories look great in any design. Plaids, curtains, bedspreads look very cozy and colorful.