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Wallpaper with a pattern: advantages, tips on choosing (40 photos)


The chronology of the first wallpaper originates in China. Two hundred years before our era, rice paper was invented, which was used to glue the walls.

In the civilized world, many materials are used to decorate the premises, but the wallpaper continues to lead.

The atmosphere of the interior, its “soul” depends on the subject of the ornament and the drawings depicted on the paper canvases. Wallpaper with patterns, as opposed to monochromatic, are purchased more often. Since it is the correctly chosen print that creates the unique atmosphere of the room.




Printed paper web is considered a versatile material that can be used in any room. They are resorted to in rooms of irregular shape, when you need to adjust the amount of space and correct serious shortcomings in the layout. This approach is implemented in the design of narrow rooms: when pasting wallpaper with the necessary print on opposite sides of the room, the space will visually move apart. However, you should know how to properly apply a patterned coating.




General design techniques:

  • From the light of the room directly depends on the shade of the material: white wallpaper is ideal for small rooms, visually expand the space;
  • In the case when the decoration of room partitions will be only a background in the interior, you should purchase plain light-colored wallpaper or wallpaper with a small floral print;
  • If the main goal is to focus on the walls, then stop choosing large patterns and spectacular rich colors: blue, lilac, lime.




Consumers are presented with a considerable assortment of wallpaper prints and plots, each of which requires adherence to a certain style and theme. Popular designs include:

  • Oriental;
  • floral;
  • geometric;
  • Damascus;
  • meander

In order not to be mistaken in the selection of the picture, consider the style of the room. For a room with a classic design, floral patterns, damask are considered traditional; for the latest trends in decorating, abstract geometric print, designer photo wallpapers.




Characteristics of the wallpaper ornament

Geometric pattern

Wallpaper with a geometric pattern, especially with a voluminous, will visually reduce irregularities, defects in room partitions. The traditional colorings include stripes, rhombuses, lines, squares.

In addition to them, there are such prints as checkered tartan and chetyrehlistnik (British variations). Tartan is a complex combination of cells with an intense color palette.

Quatrefoil is an ordered symmetrical ornament, suitable for decoration in historical style. However, when choosing such a pattern, you need to be careful, because it can distort the impression of the interior.






Choose paper linens in such a way that the background colors and shades overlap with those in the accessories and furniture.

Cold shades (white wallpaper, gray) transform the room into a "airy" and spacious, dark (black wallpaper for the walls, brown) emphasize the elegance and restraint of the style of the room.


Such an ancient print, as Damascus, is represented by ordered herbal compositions, ornate rounded shape. Traditionally, it is performed on light wallpaper with a golden ornament and adds nobility and elegance to the interior.




To give the interior a mysterious antiquity, choose options with gold leaf, contrast print (white wallpaper with a black pattern, white wallpaper with a gold ornament). Black wallpaper patterns are relevant. This design idea looks original.

Neutral colors, light shades, on which the print serves as a kind of light refined accent (light wallpaper with beige compositions) are perfect for the traditional classic style.




Do not be afraid to experiment with Damascus ornament, because it is suitable for ultra-modern premises. Developers using glitter create a metallized effect, which makes the room stylish and relevant.

Oriental print

In unusual oriental variations, with their traditionally “burning” temperament, harmony and philosophical pacification is felt. This style demonstrates the flavor of Asian and Arabic cultures.

Gold-patterned wallpapers are always in trend, as they create an atmosphere of luxury and elegance. Black patterned coverings are an integral part of oriental style. Print hieroglyphs are often used not only in home interiors, but also in entertainment establishments: restaurants, bars, cafes.




Also common is the paisley style, the print of which resembles a cucumber or a drop. The composition looks both unusual and mysterious.

Remember that when using bright vinyl wallpaper with the theme of the Arab East, the area of ​​the room will visually become smaller, so the only option would be to decorate only one wall with such material.

Herbal theme

Such coatings are represented by interlacing of leaves, branches, blades of grass, stems, flowers. Their use is justified in any room and even exterior. They are popular with consumers because they create a warm harmonious atmosphere.






In the modern decor of the rooms the floral theme is aimed at creating accents, therefore there should not be a lot of floral print in one room. Often, the canvas with flowers are included in the interior as panels, inserts, panels, frames. It looks modern and stylish.



Designers use floral trim to combine. Flower compositions contrast with monophonic wallpaper, enlivening the atmosphere of the room. White wallpaper with the presence of one wall with floral compositions - a winning version in the Scandinavian style.




Wallpaper - not only paper, which paste over the walls. This is a full element of the decor, which performs an aesthetic function. Canvases can both distort the space and transform it. Make the choice of the pattern correctly, and the interior will be unique.